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New upgraded stone removal machine coffee beans destoning machine for industry use

Date: 2020.11.19

120kg/h destoner machine Product Description: The automatic wind extraction stone machine is a newly developed material that utilizes the specific gravity of the material to filter and remove the impurities to achieve the purpose of purifying the raw materials. It is mainly used for screening and separation of mixed stone metal particles in coff...

Fully automatic nespresso coffee capsule heat seal machine Manual Coffee Capsule Sealing Machine

Date: 2020.11.19

Coffee Capsule Sealing Machine is Easy to operate, which is made of stainless steel, safe, durable, and healthy. 2 Seconds Fast Sealing: with Automatic transmission system and automatic device, suitable for any beverage cups, plastic cups, paper cups, coffee cup, cup, rapid and convenient take cup. Human Safety Design, it is equipped with safety...

New product:2kg upgrade coffee roaster

Date: 2020.11.19

This 2kg upgrade roaster is a custom made roaster, it has double wall drum, the main parts are imported from oversea, like the Germany bearing, Japan addka motor and omron controller. Base on customer’s request, we added more import parts to ensure the machine more safer. We added 2 air pressure gauges, 2 solenoid valves, 1 pressure control swit...

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