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New upgraded stone removal machine coffee beans destoning machine for industry use


120kg/h destoner machine Product Description:

The automatic wind extraction stone machine is a newly developed material that utilizes the specific gravity of the material to filter and remove the impurities to achieve the purpose of purifying the raw materials. It is mainly used for screening and separation of mixed stone metal particles in coffee beans (green beans or cooked beans), which has obvious effects on improving the quality and grade standards of coffee beans, and can also be used for impurity removal screening of granular materials such as grains.

The stone removing machine has the advantages of novel design, simple and easy use, high efficiency, and screening and impurity removal rate of up to 99%, and has become an essential choice for coffee bean roasting and whole grains and roasted seeds and nut.

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The Product Features of new upgraded stone removal machine.

1. High efficiency
2. High stone removal rate.
3. Low cost, good effect.
4. Easy operation.
5. Adding dust bag, that is a good protection for environment.
6. Adding frequency converters can adjust the wind speed.
7. Adding a wind speed regulator will help protect the coffee beans from damage.
8. Black spray paint + stainless steel body, double protection and durable.
9. A free gift of a stainless steel barrels, which is easy storage of coffee bean.

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