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New product:2kg upgrade coffee roaster


This 2kg upgrade roaster is a custom made roaster, it has double wall drum, the main parts are imported from oversea, like the Germany bearing, Japan addka motor and omron controller. Base on customer’s request, we added more import parts to ensure the machine more safer. We added 2 air pressure gauges, 2 solenoid valves, 1 pressure control switch and 1 emergency stop button.

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Other imported parts’ function:

emergency stop button, when an emergency occurs, people can quickly press this button to protect the machine and people.

2 Solenoid valves, One for the pilot line gas and the other for the main gas. A solenoid valve allows the gas to ignite the flame and burn a burner. After this situation, the other should be allowed to ignite the main gas which be sent to the burner and ignite all other burners.

1 pressure control switch: It is close to hot air fan, which is used to check whether the airflow is clear. If the pipeline is blocked, this switch will shut off and turn around the airflow.

1 Electric igniter ,BRAHMA, that is imported from Italy. This makes our machine safer and more durable.

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