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Green Coffee Sorter Color Sorter Small Rice Color Sorter Machine For Coffee Bean

Small rice color sorter machine are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colors, detecting the colors of things that pass before them. This sorter color sorter machine adopts high-end CCD sensor imported from Japan, high resolution custom 54-megapixel camera, unique algorithm to identify tiny defects, full color wide spectrum, intelligent system, simple operation. The rice color sorter machine is also widely used in the screening of rice, soybean, grain, nut and so on rice, beans, tea, cereals, seeds, nuts & kernels, dehydrated & vegetables, economic crops.

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Product Features

* Latest full-color imaging and analysis technology, high-speed processing, accurate identification
* High level AI self-learning function, one-key automation, user friendly interface, easy operation
* Multi-function, multi-purpose, widely used for rice, cereal, plastic, Chinese medicine
* High and specification ensures high stability, with high sorting accuracy, small carry over and low energy
* Small and portable, saving space and delivery cost, small machine but super function
* Imported ejectors, much smaller air consumption, much better carry over, esp. good for small materials like quinoa, chia, sesame.
* Option: Remote control by smart terminals like cellphone, can realize the off-site controls of the accuracy, production capacity and halt of the machines
* Simple Effective-installation&Start-up&Commissioning services; remote teaching and guidance via live video online through internet to worldwide

green coffee sorter color sorter small rice color sorter machine for coffee bean 4

Product Parameters

Model 1 Q32
Executive units 32
Output 300-500kg/h
Carry over ≥12:1
Accuracy ≥99.99%
Voltage 180-240V/50-60HZ
Power 0.8kw
Air Consumption ≤120L/Min
Weight 150kg
Dimension 780*450*1370mm
Air supply pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa


Model 1 Q64
Executive units 64
Output 300-1000kg/h
Carry over ≥12:1
Accuracy ≥99.99%
Voltage 110-220V/50-60HZ
Power 1.0kw
Air Consumption ≤200L/Min
Weight 188kg
Dimension 860*880*1370mmd
Air supply pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: the rice color sorter machine is also widely used in the screening of rice, soybean, grain, nut and so on in fast food factory, mill, rice factory, edible oil factory and so on.

After-Sales Service:
* Warranty: 1 year
* 24 hours technical support by mobile or email.
* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Green coffee sorter color sorter small rice color sorter machine for coffee bean

* Camera system – Original accessories: Biomimetric recognization cameras of industrial level, suitable for all kinds of different material, wide spectrum imaging. Camera sensor with pixle 5400 elements, line frequency at 1000 frames/second; image acuision functions visable at display.
* Electric system – Original accessories: All electrical components adopt international brand with high stability and safety.
* Operation system – Original accessories: Lunix high reliability system easy and professional integration, flexible configuration; visual analysisy technology, big data cloud technology analysis.
* Ejection system – Original accessories: Valve core adopts ultra-low power consumption material, ultra-magnetic conductivity technology, key components customized from Japan, high-frequency switch, pulse width modulation control, center identification technology, precise blowing, low gas consumption.


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