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Fully automatic nespresso coffee capsule heat seal machine Manual Coffee Capsule Sealing Machine


Coffee Capsule Sealing Machine is Easy to operate, which is made of stainless steel, safe, durable, and healthy. 2 Seconds Fast Sealing: with Automatic transmission system and automatic device, suitable for any beverage cups, plastic cups, paper cups, coffee cup, cup, rapid and convenient take cup. Human Safety Design, it is equipped with safety board, can protect your fingers when operating.

This kind of coffee capsule sealing machine is suitable for coffee powder, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, health products, food, oil, jam, honey, powder, seasoning etc. The coffee sealer performance is stable, reliable, convenient. It is ideal for high production line main equipment. Semi-automatic sealing machine, small size, light weight.

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Operation steps:

A. put cup by hand
B. put pre-cut aluminium foil by hand
C. press the start button
D. automatic sealing
E. take k cup out by hand


1. it can roll the film automatically;
2. beautiful shape and simple operation;
3. high quality and good after-service;
4. the cup diameter can be customized as customers’ requirement;
5. it adopts stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and other materials, conform to food hygiene;
6.It is suitable for sealing a variety of materials: PP / PE / paper and easy to tear the film.

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