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Electrostatic Precipitator Air Purifier Smoke Filter With Cheap Electrostatic Precipitator Price

Electrostatic precipitator air purifier smoke filter is an option for coffee roaster equipment to help you filter the exhaust smoke to clean while roasting. If you want to roast your coffee at residential area or your local government has a strict policy about environmental protection, you can choose our coffee roasters equipped with a electrostatic smoke filter. By using our electrostatic precipitator air purifier smoke filter, can roast eco-friendly and also reduce emission with our SFE Filter. Because the SFE Filter absorbs over 90% of the smoke and fine dust, it’s better for the environment. But also reduces operational costs and saves you up to 50% on maintenance costs.

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Product Features

1. Easy Operation
2. High-accuracy
3. High smoke filter air volume
4. Long Service Life
5. Low Noise Level
6. High Safety Level
7. Good purification effect

electrostatic precipitator air purifier smoke filter with cheap electrostatic precipitator price 7

Product Parameters

Model 1 Electrostatic precipitator
Suitable coffee roaster model 600g,1kg,2kg coffee roaster
Power 230w
Smoke filter air volume 4000m³/h
Voltage 220v 50hz/60hz
Net Weight 140kg
Machine dimension L110cm*W63cm*H65cm
Model 2 Electrostatic precipitator
Suitable coffee roaster model 3kg,6kg,10kg,15kg coffee roaster
Power 460w
Smoke filter air volume 8000m³/h
Voltage 220v 50hz/60hz
Net Weight 200kg
Machine dimension L186cm*W110cm*H65cm

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: Coffee shop, factory
After-Sales Service: two years warranty period, if there are any part problem within two years, we can give you part for free with fix video.

Electrostatic smoke purifier is a commonly used equipment. Compared with the traditional fsmoke filer machine, it has the advantages of simple use, good purification effect, removal of peculiar smell and oil smoke, etc. It is worthy of being used in many occasions and machines.

The fumes emitted by the pollution source, the welding fumes and the smoke processed by the CNC (0.01 micron) are physically separated by the pre-filter and then charged into the high-voltage ionization zone. The charged fumes immediately enter the high-volt age electrostatic collection area for collection and finally discharge. Clean air. The high-voltage electrostatic field can effectively release ozone to carbonize part of the soot, eliminate harmful substances, and achieve the dual effects of disinfection and deodorization.

High-voltage electrostatic dust removal and smoke removal equipment is to make the dust-containing gas in the process of ionization through the high-voltage electrostatic field to charge the dust particles, and under the action of the electric field force, the dust particles are deposited on the electrode, and the dust particles are removed from the dust-containing gas. A kind of dust removal equipment separated from, it can effectively recover the dust in the gas to purify the gas. Its dust removal efficiency is high.


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