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Coffee Roaster 6Kg Commercial Roasting Machine Coffe

Our coffee roaster 6kg adopts laser cutting technology, and using welding process to fix the whole frame. And all the machine use the 304 food grade stainless steel materials, not only can ensure food safety, but also more stable and has a long life. The max capacity of this roaster is 7kg, the heating model is semi-gas direct and semi hot air. 6kg commercial roasting machine has 21 burners in 6kg machines, so the fire is more powerful, and more economical to use. And the heat conversion rate of the gas is more direct and higher. This also makes the roasted coffee beans more rich and varied.

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Product Features

1. 304 Stainless steel drum with the special mixing blades to ensure the best blending and even roast.
2. Self ignition with adjustable heat controls
4. Non-stop roasting from 1kg-7kg
5. Sight glass, burner window glass, sampler spoon and the real-time temperature displays for accurate monitoring during roasting.
6. Programmable Temperature preset with alarm feature & manual settings.
7. Four high quality motors to control drum, hot air volume, Cooling tray and Cooling mixing.
8. Complete manual control of air flow to maximize coffee taste
9. Auxiliary LED Lamp attached
10. USB & Bluetooth logger data with Artisan software.
11. Roasting and cooling can work at same time, separated chaff cyclone for effective chaff separation.

coffee roaster 6kg commercial roasting machine coffe 2

Product Parameters

Name  commercial 6kg gas coffee roaster machines
Power (W) 780
Voltage (V) 220
Power Source Gas
Certification CE, RoHS, UR, ISO9001
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Place of Origin Henan, China
Model Number 6kg coffee roasting machine
Type Commercial, Household, Drum Coffee Roaster, Handy Coffee Roaster
Material Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel
Batch Capacity 1kg-6kg
Heating Mode  Half Hot Air Heating
Roasting Time 12-20 Min/batch
Weight 450kg
Roaster Dimensions  1475*800*1580mm
Package Dimensions 1660*1160*1670mm
Package Weight 521kg

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: The 6kg coffee roaster machine is used in coffee shop, restaurant, coffee roasting factory and lab.
After-Sales Service:
•Provided: 2 years
•Installation video helping customer assembly
•24/7 lifetime phone & online tech support to offer
•Feedback email after end-users received the cargo

coffee roaster 6kg commercial roasting machine coffe

*This 6kg coffee roaster has 2 motors and 2 fans. These 2 motors are the Japanese ADDKA brand. One of the motor is for the drum, and German bearing to hold the drum. Another is for mixing. These 2 fans, one is for hot air fan, another is for cooling, high-power cooling fan with the stirring arms can cool the roasted beans within 1 minutes.
*It using OMRON temperature controller and timer, and SIEMENS APT industry button. It also has gas flame out automatical detection system and thermostatical control. The ignitor will be automatically fire up if the flame goes out when you are baking. Gas valve will turn off gas automatically and the buzzer will ring if there is no flame in 10 seconds. Temperature controller can set the constant temperature. The machine will turn off the gas when the actuaral temperature reaches the set temperature, when the actuaral is lower than the set temperature, the machine can turn on the gas automatically and ignite.
*About insulation layer, there is a 30mm thick insulation layer to reduce temperature loss. It is covered with cotton.
*It also can connect with computer and mobile phone by USB or bluetooth, in order to observe the baking curves. Artisan software can be perfectly compatible.


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