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99G 100G Filling Machine Coffee Filling Machine Small

We 99g 100g filling machine, you can fine powder packing, weighing hopper install a vibration motor, mechanical load in the bucket when the material will vibrate, can not stick powder weighing hopper which can be automatically loaded weight measurement points, multi-functional packaging, suitable for many types of goods, facilitate the entire intelligence operation, ease of operation, stainless steel design, the appearance of fine high-end, with infrared sensor switch sensor cover stalls discharge, fast and convenient. Precision electronic sensor electronics, small error and high accuracy. Small 100g filling machine can filling about one minute package 10-25, 1-100 grams quantitative, between the number of grams can be arbitrarily set in the PC board design above a few grams.

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Product Features

1. Easy Operation
2. High-accuracy
3. Packing speed: about 10-25 bags / min (depending on material).
4. Long Service Life
5. Low Noise Level
6. High Safety Level

99g 100g filling machine coffee filling machine small 6

Product Parameters

Housing Material  stainless steel
Inside Material  stainless steel materials, that can ensure food safety.
Voltage 220V 50HZ / 110V 60HZ
Filling Material  Powder, grain
Driven Type electric
Operation Mode  sensor
Machine Power 180W
Filling Volume  1g-100g
Filling Accuracy ±0.2g
Hopper Volume  ~4kg(e.g. rice
Hopper Size  21*21*15.5CM
Machine Dimension  38*23*54cm
N/W  15kg
Carton Size 42*30*53cm
Gross Weight 20kg

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: the 100g filling machine is suitable for tea, sugar, seeds, dried fruit, grain, powder, micro and small components such as general non-sticky solid materials.

After-Sales Service:
*Online support, Video technical support
*24 hours technical support by mobile or email
*One year free warranty period

99g 100g filling machine coffee filling machine small

*the general particles such as grains, beans, coffee, seeds, nuts, dog food, seeds, salt, fertilizer, hardware, etc.
*As well as flour, medicine, cereals, feed and other powder, debris automatic measurement of sub-installed.

Operating instructions

1: before use, please remove floor has two or three screws of label (such as floor several tags will tear open a few screws).
2: plug in the power supply, open the machine on the left side of the power switch, computer version control panel lights, “di…”Prompt, press down is expected to see and to zero, the machine will enter standby mode.
3: Filling material in a hopper, press the switch on the control panel Settings you need packing weight.
4: set the speed, according to the control panel on the “fast, medium and slow” you need to select the speed, speed (according to the particle size of the choice of material).
5: Setting good speed , press the start button on the control panel, automatic machine into the state, weighing machine to the amount, you need to use hand to block points installed at the exit of infrared sensors, make materials come out from the hopper.
6: when making quantitative packing, it is necessary to suspend or material has been packing finished, can press the stop key, the machine is stop standby mode.
7: the number of quantitative packing in “quantity” column will show, if you want to return to zero show numerical, or press the zero key to switch machine.
8: remove the material within the machine, please long press feeding or clear button for 3 seconds, the machine will enter a state of clear material.
9: packing finished, long time need not, please close the switch power supply.


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