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5Kg Filling Machine Instant Coffee Filling Machine Powder

The 5kg filling machine is suitable for tea, food, grain, seed, fruit, grain, hardware and non sticky powder, such as particle diameter of 1.2 to 10 mm (according to the mould). The intelligent packaging machine adopts 304 food-grade stainless steel materials, can ensure food safety. In addtion, the coffee filling machine powder can put more coffee powder in a hopper, press the switch on the control panel, then setting you need packing weight.

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Product Features

1. Automatic weighing and multi-functional packaging.
2. Suitable for many types of goods, stainless steel housing, the appearance of fine high-end.
3. Full of intelligent design, simple operation.
4. Infrared sensor switch sensor block discharge, quantitative precision sensors.
5. Level vibration cutting, the machine is running smoothly, low noise.
6. Adjustable packing speed, microcomputer motherboard more energy-efficient.
7. Durable, fast, error is small, high performance.
8. Set weighing excessive alarm.

5kg filling machine instant coffee filling machine powder 3

Product Parameters

Product name 5kg filling machine
Housing Material food-grade stainless steel materials, can ensure food safety.
Voltage 110/220V,  50/60HZ
Driven Type electric
Operation Mode sensor filling & pedal switch
Machine Power 200W
Filling Volume 50g-1000g
Filling Accuracy ±2g
Hopper Volume ~25kg(e.g. rice)
Hopper Size  29*32*40cm
Machine Dimension  38*56*147cm
N/W  38kg
Carton Size  66x43x115cm
Gross Weight 44kg

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: The 5kg filling machine can be used as restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, bakery equipment, coffee equipment, beverage shop equipment, the restaurant equipment, food shop equipment, brewery equipment, spices processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, frozen food factory equipment, meat products processing equipment, snack food factory equipment.

After-Sales Service:
* Inquiry and consulting support, 7*24 hours on-line service for you
* Welcome to our Factory.
* Training how to instal the machine, testing and training how to use the machine.
* One year free warranty period

5kg filling machine instant coffee filling machine powder

The 5kg filling machine is suitable for tea, food, food, seeds, fruit, grain, powder, sesame seed, flavour, rice, bean, salt, chemical material ,micro and small components such as general non-sticky solid materials.

* Basic troubleshooting:

1. The machine if there is a weight column value of the bounce, please open the machine cover, check the computer version of the sensor contact is good (red, green and white black
line of contact, and received the computer version of the line contact). Or whether the material fell to the bottom of the machine, blocking the load cell. (Can clean the bottom)
2. The computer board no power: check whether the fuse fuse, the power cord is broken, the two no problem is the computer board problem.
3. When the start of continuous packaging, the material is not sub-installed, has been out of the state, hen open the machine cover, check the motor part of the line out, or press the discharge button motor does not move, you can first open the motor two Line, with the remote control battery to check whether the motor will move, do not move the motor problem, there is a moving computer board problem.
4. When the foot switch does not discharge, first pull out the foot switch wiring, with a screwdriver directly short foot switch interface test whether the foot switch failure. Will discharge material, is the foot switch problem, do not discharge on the inside of the wiring to check whether there is disconnection. But does not rule out the motor part caused by the problem. The motor section can be checked by motor troubleshooting.


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