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40Kg To 60Kg Commercial Coffee Grinders Coffee Grinder Price

The coffee grinder we have the 40kg to 60kg commercial coffee grinder, it has enough power and great strength. It can grind all kinds of grain and gas into small uniform powder, and meet the use requirements of the vast majority of users. It is your ideal grinding machine.40kg to 60kg commercial coffee grinders coffee grinder s structure is simple but sturdy, it is all made of 304 stainless steel and has smooth operation and low noise, it is easy to be This coffee grinder uses the relatively high-speed operation of activities gear and fixed gear to crush the materials. The crushed materials can be discharged directly by the grinding chamber, the powder size can be changed by replacing different mesh size sieve. cleaned, the materials can be crushed quickly and uniformly, the effect is good.

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Product Features

1. Food level stainless steel
2. Outer anti-slip thread design
3. Easy clearing stainless steel material
4. Unique louver, faster cooling, prolong the machine’s working life

40kg to 60kg commercial coffee grinders coffee grinder price 3

Product Parameters

Product Name 40kg to 60kg commercial coffee grinders coffee grinder price
Voltage 220V/380V
Power 2.2kw
Capacity 40-60kg/h
Fineness 20-200Mesh
Weight 40kg
Size 55x26x45cm

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: roastery shop, factory, coffee shop
After-Sales Service: one year warranty period, if there are any part problem within one year, we can give you part for free with fix video.

All alveolus inside the enclosure are processed by accuracy machines to achieve smooth surfaces, so as to be cleaned easily, the ordinary grinder usually has the rough inner wall, easy to accumulate powder and difficult to be cleaned, this machine can change these bad phenomena, the production of food, pharmaceutical and chemicals can better meet the health requirements.

How to maintain the grinder

1. Check the electrical circuit regularly, and replace it immediately if it is damaged.
2. Check all parts of the equipment regularly, and reinforce them if they are loose.
3. Check once before use to avoid debris.
4. Clean the machine and keep the equipment clean after work.
5. When the continuous working time i of the grinder is too long, the temperature of the machine is high, and the machine needs to be cooled down before operating.
6. Records are required after maintenance.


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