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3Kg Filling Machine Coffee Weighing Filling Machine

This 3kg filling machine use the microcomputer control of optical technology, high accuracy, fast, good quality, solve the traditional weighing filling tedious process. 3kg coffee weighing filling machine can filling about one minute package 10-25, 1-100 grams quantitative, between the number of grams can be arbitrarily set in the PC board design above a few grams. It shows filling weight and number of filling. The filling speed can adjustable you want.

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Product Features

1. Microcomputer control, more precise and accurate filling, fast, fully automated dispensing plrocess.
2. The contact material parts all stainless steel, no contaminated material.
3. The machine is running smoothly, low noise.
4. Small size, light weight.
5. Minimal power, energy conservation.
6. Oblique feeding, not squeeze the material damage, especially for fragile materials packaging.
7. Show filling weight and number of filling.
8. Filling speed adjustable.
9. Set weighing excessive alarm.

3kg filling machine coffee weighing filling machine 3

Product Parameters

Product name  3kg filling machine
Housing Material  304 food-grade
Voltage 110/220V,  50/60HZ
Driven Type electric
Operation Mode sensor filling & pedal switch
Machine Power 200W
Filling Volume 50g-1000g
Filling Accuracy ±2g
Hopper Volume   ~25kg(e.g. rice)
Hopper Size  29*32*40cm
Machine Dimension  38*56*135m
N/W  35kg
Carton Size  66x43x115cm
Gross Weight 43kg

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: The 3kg filling machine can be used as restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, bakery equipment, coffee equipment, beverage shop equipment, the restaurant equipment, food shop equipment, brewery equipment, spices processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, frozen food factory equipment, meat products processing equipment, snack food factory equipment.

After-Sales Service:
* Inquiry and consulting support, 7*24 hours on-line service for you
* Welcome to our Factory.
* Training how to instal the machine, testing and training how to use the machine.
* One year free warranty period

3kg filling machine coffee weighing filling machine

*Operating instructions

1: before use, please remove floor has two or three screws of label (such as floor several tags will tear open a few screws).
2: plug in the power supply, open the machine on the left side of the power switch, computer version control panel lights, “di…”Prompt, press down is expected to see and to zero, the machine will enter standby mode.
3: Filling material in a hopper, press the switch on the control panel Settings you need packing weight.
4: set the speed, according to the control panel on the “fast, medium and slow” you need to select the speed, speed (according to the particle size of the choice of material).
5: Setting good speed , press the start button on the control panel, automatic machine into the state, weighing machine to the amount, you need to use hand to block points installed at the exit of infrared sensors, make materials come out from the hopper.
6: when making quantitative packing, it is necessary to suspend or material has been packing finished, can press the stop key, the machine is stop standby mode.
7: the number of quantitative packing in “quantity” column will show, if you want to return to zero show numerical, or press the zero key to switch machine.
8: remove the material within the machine, please long press feeding or clear button for 3 seconds, the machine will enter a state of clear material.
9: packing finished, long time need not, please close the switch power supply.


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