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3Kg Coffee Roasters Coffee Processing Machinery

The 3kg coffee roasters coffee processing machinery is installed with USB interface, can communicate with the computer. It uses OMRON thermostat. Display temperature is more sensitive and accurate and equipped with an OMRON timer, easy to check the baking time. The LED colorful stainless steel switch button, service life up to 50000 times. Not only beautiful and more easy to operate.3kg coffee roasters coffee processing machinery‘s gas pressure meter is equipped with 304 stainless steel needle valve, can achieve more accurate gas pressure adjustment.

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Product Features

1. All bean contact body are made of High temperature resistant stainless steel.
2. Including cyclone dust collector and exhaust pipe.
3. Import rosewood bean sampling handler.
4. Electric igniter.
5. Omron PID Controller.
6. There is hot air regulation system. You can adjust hot-wind speed.
7. There is gas valve regulator you can adjust fire big/small…
8. ADDKA Japan motor. Equipped with infinitely adjustable-speed system
9. Data logger connect thermocouple and computer, can log by computer.
10. Fuse and leakage protector.
11. LED deluxe Lamp.

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Product Parameters

Model No 3kg G
Batch Capacity 1kg~3.5kg
Average Roasting Time 12-15 minutes
 Production 12kg/hr(26.5lb/hr),96kg/day(211.6lb/day)
Voltage Single Phase220V, 50/60Hz
Roaster Power 610W
Roaster Dimensions 1275*505*1450mm (50.2*19.9*57.1 in)
Roaster Weight 285kg (628lb)
 Package Dimensions 1350 *1100*1300mm (53.1*43.3*51.2 in)
Package Weight 335kg
Drum Construction 304 Stainless steel, Welded
Heating Source Natural Gas/ Propane
Body Color Black
Housing cover color Rose Gold / Black /Silver
Data Logger Record roasting curve (USB or Bluetooth)

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: coffee shop, roastery shop, hotel, food shop, restaurant
After-Sales Service: two years warranty period, if there are any part problem within two years, we can give you part for free with fix video.

3kg coffee roasters coffee processing machinery is very suitable for small and medium sized coffee shops and coffee farms to use .3kg coffee roasters coffee processing machinery adopts laser cutting technology. Using welding process to fix the whole frame. It is more solid and stable than using ordinary screw to fix, and not easy to loose parts or structural deformation.3kg coffee roasters coffee processing machinery can be connected with the computer, to achieve the output of baking curve, bring more accurate operation for your baking. Baking capacity from 1kg to 3.5kg all can be bake out of the taste you want.

*Machine cleaning:

1. Debris collection drawer and dust bucket need to be cleaned once every 10 times
2. Hot air channel is cleaned once a month
3. Hot air fan blades are recommended to be cleaned with a brush once per week


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