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225G Coffee Grinder Coffee Bean Grinding Machine

Mini electric 225g coffee grinder coffee bean grinding machine is consists of irregular knives and bulges that are evenly distributed in parallel with the general flat knives. Our ghost tooth cutters is made of heat-treated environmentally friendly alloy steel, the rock well hardness is 55HRC. The cutter head is the best at workmanship, the metal smell is also smaller. The coffee powder particles of the ghost tooth grinding are relatively round and the ratio of the coarse powder to the fine powder is relatively uniform, so the brewed coffee tastes clean and the flavor is full and full. This coffee coffee grinder machine is a must-have product that we recommend to you.

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Product Features

Mini electric 225g coffee grinder coffee bean grinding machine structure
1. Coffee grinder to get the thickness of your coffee machine.
2. Good looking, simple and humanized design.
3. Loading fast and grinding fast, Easy clean material.
4. Cafe selection of utensils.

225g coffee grinder coffee bean grinding machine 6

Product Parameters

Name coffee Bean Grinding Machine
Voltage 220V
Power 150W
Motor speed 2000 R.P.M
Frequency 50HZ
Bean warehouse capacity 225g
Ground bean capacity Filter 60g
Storage tank 100g
Color yellow/blue/black/white/pink/Rose gold
Size 250*145*370 mm
Net Weight 4.61kg
Package size 450*350*200 mm
gross weight 5.35kg

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: Coffee bean grinder can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture and food industry, raw material crushing, are pharmaceutical, Cafe, in pharmacies, family, individual restaurants, powdered spices and other processed foods ideal.

After-Sales Service:
*24/7 Lifetime Phone & Online Tech Support,
*One Year Limited Warranty include any failure of parts without human damage, replacement will be sent with air express on our cost.

225g coffee grinder coffee bean grinding machine

*The jumping beans funnel: The mushroom head lid is prevented from jumping beans.
*Anti-beans gap: Prevent blockage of the entrance.
*Gear to adjust: 10 shift design, the larger the number, the thicker. In contrast, the smaller the number, the finer and more uniform the grinding.
*Inchings switch: Humanized design, easy to operate.
*Distribution by powder cup: Prevent fly powder, reduce electrostatic adhension powder generation.
*Have to open the key: Two local switches, more practical and convenient.

How to maintain the grinder

1. Check the electrical circuit regularly, and replace it immediately if it is damaged.
2. Check all parts of the equipment regularly, and reinforce them if they are loose.
3. Check once before use to avoid debris.
4. Clean the machine and keep the equipment clean after work.
5. When the continuous working time i of the grinder is too long, the temperature of the machine is high, and the machine needs to be cooled down before operating.
6. Records are required after maintenance.


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