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15Kg Cafe Machine Commercial Big Capacity Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine

15kg cafe bean roasting machine with advance technologies, elegant design and attractive price. Comply with most food and health safety regulations. The drum is made with double layer heat stainless steel for even heating. The drum also rapid heats and rapid cools for optimal roasting control. Semi hot air or half direct fire. Below beans heated by direct fire and above beans heated by hot air. The capacity of big capacity cocoa bean roasting machine is from 1kg to 17kg all can be bake out of the taste you want.

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Product Features

1. All bean contact body are made of High temperature resistant stainless steel.
2. Including cyclone dust collector and exhaust pipe.
3. Import rosewood bean sampling handler.
4. Large independent stirring plate, cooling rapidly (1-2minutes), continuous roasting.
5. Electric ignitor.
6. Omron PID Double Temperature instrument. precise and long using life.
7. Hot air regulation system. you can adjust hot-wind speed.
8. 304 stainless steel made gas valve regulator you can adjust fire volume precise.
9. ADDKA Japan motor. Equipped with infinitely adjustable-speed system
10. Data logger. The computer via USB or Bluetooth direct connection, to realize synchronous transmission copy operation curve.
11. Fuse and leakage protector on application
12. LED deluxe Lamp.
13. CE, ROHS, ISO9001

15kg cafe machine commercial big capacity cocoa bean roasting machine 12

Product Parameters

Name commercial 15kg coffee roaster machine
Bath capacity 1kg-15kg
Average Roasting time 15-20minutes
Production 40kg/hr(88.2lb/hr), 320kg/day(705.5lb/day)
Voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Roaster Powe 1500W
Burner 55
Heating Source LPG / NG
Function temperature control
Material Stainless Steel
Heating source Gas
Roaster  Weight 830kg
Roaster Dimensions 2070*1250*1920mm
Package Dimensions 2170*1350*2020mm
Package Weight 890kg
Data Logger Record roasting curve, USB or Bluetooth

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: Outdoor, Commercial, coffee roaster sales, coffee roasting plant factory and so on.
After-Sales Service:
•Installation video helping customer assembly
•24 hours technical support by mobile or email
•Two years free warranty period

15kg cafe machine commercial big capacity cocoa bean roasting machine

The coffee roaster includes mixing system, heating system and cooling system, the green coffee beans can be put into feeding inlet when the temperature reach about 150℃, it has a total control panel to show the barking temperature and time, easy to operate. This coffee roaster can adopts gas heating, you can choose according to your need.


*Fill the green bean hopper with the coffee in accordance with the batch capacity.
*Then get the beans inside the drum after heating-up the roaster.
*The roasting process occurs inside the drum.
*During the process the dusts and chaffs get out through the dust room by the exhaust fan.
*The dusts and chaffs are collected and the smoke is given out.
*Homogeneous heat is transferred to all coffee beans.
*And then the beans are dumped to the cooling tray.
*The cooling tray cools the coffee by sucking the heat from the coffee.
*You may roast another batch when your previous roasted coffee is in the cooling tray.


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